Thank you so much for visiting DonateLuggage.com.

This site began as a simple idea: the Hefty bag would no longer be the official luggage of foster care.

My friend Jeff offered to host the site and challenged me to find organizations in every state that provide luggage for foster kids who move from home to home. Jeff knows that this is important to me because of my own experience in foster care.

During the process of researching organizations that donate luggage to kids in foster care, I’ve come across an amazing array of groups that donate everything from toothbrushes to books to suitcases. And so this website is growing into something that I pray will be a resource for individuals and groups across the country who are ready and willing to help our most vulnerable children.

So, whether you have a spare, gently used suitcase, or a ping-pong table or scrapbooking supplies… take a look. There is certainly an organization that can benefit from your generous spirit.

I spent my early years in foster care. I know how much it meant me when someone who I’d met once sent me a gift… all the way from Nebraska. To Viola Bolander, thank you for making all the difference to me.

Conna Craig

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