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My name is Conna Craig.

I grew up in a family who raised more than 100 foster kids–including me.

Today, I work as a researcher in the field and write policy blueprints for leaders in government, think tanks and the media. My goal is to help make foster care and adoption more humane.

Through the years of looking at what’s wrong with the system, I have also found a great deal of what’s good: people who are willing to give of their time, talent and treasure to help our most vulnerable children.

This website is a labor of love for me. I want to highlight the good that people are doing, not only for foster children, but also for needy children in general. While one focus is finding out how and where you can donate luggage to foster youth in your home state, I’d also like to make this a resource for helping kids across the country and internationally.

If you are involved in or know of a program that engages the community to provide help for the children who need it most, please let me know by leaving a comment or simply send me an email message to

The information most helpful for each program is:

  • Name of Program
  • Website or blog (or Twitter or Facebook page)
  • Contact Person (email or telephone number)
  • WHERE people can drop off luggage, backpacks, school supplies, etc.
  • WHEN people can drop off donations
  • Information about current and upcoming drives
  • Links to press coverage

I look forward to hearing from you!

Kindest regards,



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