Our friends at SOS Children’s Village in Illinois know that every child deserves a home. SOS Children’s Villages provide a safe, stable place for kids whose lives have been turned upside down by abuse or neglect.

Here’s a bit of the organization’s history, from its website:

After World War II, a young Austrian medical student named Hermann Gmeiner saw many children orphaned or abandoned. Often, their siblings were the only family they had left. To keep them together, Gmeiner started the first SOS Children’s Villages.

Since then, SOS Children Villages has grown to become the largest non-denominational children’s care provider in the world. Today, 450 Villages in 132 nations are home to more than 60,000 children.

SOS came to Illinois in 1993, when the Lockport Village opened. Today, the Lockport Village has 18 individual homes on a beautiful campus and a recreational community center. In 2004, SOS established the Chicago Village with 16 homes in the Auburn-Gresham community on the South Side. This is the first urban Village in the heart of a major city. A new community center serves both the Village and the surrounding neighborhood. Day care, family support services, job skills and counseling will enhance the lives of Village children, parents and neighbors.

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SOS Village has put together an awesome “A-Z” list of fundraising ideas for your community organization, Scout troop, or reading club. Why not hold a fundraiser to build community and raise awareness about the needs of foster kids? The proceeds will do a great deal of good by helping children who are served by SOS Village.

SOS VILLAGE’s A-Z Fundraising Ideas

A Art show

B Bake sale, Bingo evening, Barbecue, Book sale

C Car wash, Craft sale, Chores – do chores around the house, such as mowing the lawn, doing the dishes, or walking the dog with the fees going to SOS
D Dollar drive – donate a dollar for each child SOS serves

E Email – help spread the word about the mission of SOS to your friends and family

F Fashion show, Fun run

G Golf tournament, Gift certificates – collect gift certificates on behalf of SOS to distribute to our families. Gift certificates to the following business are especially appreciated: Wal-Mart, Target, K-Mart, Old Navy, Jewel, Dominick’s, Blockbuster Video, Toys-R-Us, phone cards, and gas cards.

H Honor gifts – ask for monetary donations to SOS instead of birthday, anniversary, graduation or other special event gifts for yourself.

I In-Kind Gifts – Your donation of professional services, food, clothing, or equipment can help us reduce expenses so more of our funds can be used for educational enrichment, therapy, and training classes

J Jump-a-thon, jump rope contest

K Knitting event, Karaoke evening

L Lemonade stand, Lunch-less – bring your lunch rather than buy it, then donate the money saved to SOS

M Marathon, Matching gifts

N Newsletter – Spread the word about SOS and what we’re doing. Give this newsletter to a neighbor or friend and encourage others to get involved on behalf of the children who make SOS their home.

O Office

P Pancake breakfast, Plant sale, Popcorn stand, Pocket change – donate your pocket change for a month to SOS

Q Quiz night – entry fees go to SOS

R Recycle, Raffle

S Sponsorship – We have many events throughout the year that attract the public. We welcome the opportunity to talk to you about underwriting opportunities.

T Tennis tournament

U United Way Giving Campaign – Designate your United Way pledge to SOS Children’s Villages Illinois during the your office giving campaign or any time during the year

W Walk-a-thon, Website – provide a link to SOS on your website, or visit our site and make a secured donation. Click and give!

X “Xtra, Xtra, Read all about it!” – write letters to your local newspaper for support and awareness

Y Yard sale

Z Zero TV – get sponsored to turn off the tube for a week!

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