The Villages, established in 1978, works throughout Indiana to serve the needs of children and families. The Villages works with families of origin, trains foster parents, provides adoption services, and helps youth who are aging out of foster care. You can help, too! From diapers to dishes, finger paints to scrapbooking supplies, every gift brings hope to children and families served by the Villages.

Wish List

Items for Babies & Small Children

Diapers (all sizes), infant clothing (including “onesies”), toddler clothing (including underwear and socks), coats, hats, mittens

Feeding utensils:
Bottles, formula, bowls, baby cups, baby food, bibs

Baby care items:
Baby wipes, soap, shampoo, diaper cream or powder

Other items:
Crib sheets, blankets, towels, high chairs, cribs, car seats, changing tables, youth beds, strollers

Items for Transitional Living Youth and Families

Small appliances:
Alarm clocks, phones, answering machines, cassette decks, toasters, etc.

Household items:
Dishes, pots, pans, silverware, etc.

Gift certificates:
For grocery stores, discount department stores, etc.

Funds for scholarships:
Such as the Fulton Scholarship, for vocational or other advanced education expenses

Other Items

Books, dolls, trucks, educational games, simple card games and board games for visitations

Play therapy materials:
People and animal figures, play sand, puzzles

Scrapbook materials:
Photo albums, disposable cameras to be used to make “life books” for children in foster care and adoption

Personal care items:
Deodorant, hair products, toothbrushes, toothpaste, shampoo and conditioner, body lotion

Art therapy materials:
Finger paint, construction paper, crayons, markers, modeling clay, paste


If you’re interested in brightening The Villages’ children’s spirits at anytime throughout the year, call 800-874-6880 or for more information, contact Katee Franson at

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