From the Minnesota Department of Human Services:

Special fund brightens lives of children in foster care
Since 1941, foster children have had the opportunity to participate in more activities and feel more a part of their foster families thanks to the Forgotten Children’s Fund. Initially established by the American Legion Auxiliary, the fund is now administered by the Minnesota Department of Human Services. The Forgotten Children’s Fund is just one feature of Minnesota’s foster care system. It helps foster families purchase special items and services beyond food, clothing and shelter which are paid for by foster care payments. For example, it allows families to pay for things such as bikes, class rings, art supplies, sports equipment, driver’s education, graduation expenses, or pay camp registrations and fees for their foster children. Only county workers may make requests for funding.To donate to the fund, send a check and dated letter, specifying the amount of the contribution designated for the Forgotten Children’s Fund, to Thomas Campbell, Minnesota Department of Human Services, Child Safety and Permanency Division, P.O. Box 64943, St. Paul, MN 55164-0943. To access the fund, social workers should review current information about the fund and the rules regarding the funding process. Questions or comments about the fund are welcome at dhs.forgottenchildrensfund@state.mn.us.


Please click here for a link from the Minnesota Department of Human Services on how you can help foster children in Minnesota.

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