New Hampshire

Lutheran Social Services, or LSS, provides support for foster children in New England. Here, from the LSS website, is a glimpse of LSS’ important work:

Lutheran Social Services provides highly personalized supports for foster families who can parent a child in need. Our program provides the highest level of support and services to foster families, including 24/7 emergency on call support as well as generous financial reimbursement, training, networking and respite opportunities. In accordance with our mission to serve and care for people in need, we work with foster children and families of all backgrounds and beliefs.

The ultimate goal of LSS foster care is to help children to reach their potential as members of society by learning positive skills to help them increase their self-esteem, recognize their own innate value as persons, restore their trust in other people, and help them to build and maintain lasting relationships with their foster families and beyond.


LSS runs the “Good News Garage,” which provides cars for needy individuals, including former foster youth, in New Hampshire.

From the LSS/Good News Garage website:

Car Donations, Making a Difference

Good News Garage (GNG), a program of Lutheran Social Services with operations in Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont, is one of the first nonprofit social enterprise car donation programs in the U.S. The mission of Good News Garage is to create economic opportunity by providing affordable and reliable transportation options for people in need. Since its founding in Burlington, Vermont, in 1996, GNG has awarded more than 3,500 reliable vehicles to individuals and families in need.

Unlike the vast majority of car donation charity programs, Good News Garage repairs as many donated cars as possible in order to provide them to low-income individuals who need transportation to gain access to employment, shopping, school and medical facilities.

Good News Garage tows donated cars free of charge and has car donation drop-off locations in all New England states except Maine.


You may donate your car online or call Good News Garage toll-free, at 1.877.GIVE.AUTO (448.3288). All vehicle donations are eligible for a tax deduction. To learn more, please visit our “tax advantage” page.

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