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The Extra Mile Club in New Mexico needs your help.

As described, eloquently, on the CASA First website:

High gas prices bring hidden social costs.  Among the most well-hidden from the public eye are the potential effects on one group that has already suffered enough: abused and neglected children.

Every year in our district in northern  New Mexico over 80 volunteers help about 200 of these children change the course of their lives.  CASA volunteers have served thousands of children from Santa Fe, Rio Arriba and Los Alamos counties since 1995, covering over 8000 square miles of northern New Mexico.  Our volunteers go the extra-mile for the children in their cases—which often means traveling miles out of their way.  In June, for example, our volunteers traveled over 3000 miles in their duty to the court and the abused and neglected children of our community.  However, the price of gasoline has at times proven to be a financial impediment to meeting the travel demands placed on CASA volunteers.

How You Can Help

In order to facilitate the essential work of our volunteers, CASA, First Judicial District initiated the ‘Extra Mile Club’—corporate and individual donors who in this very real emergency are stepping forward to ease the financial burden on CASA volunteers.  Our goal is to raise $10,000 in gas cards. This amount would allow volunteers to travel over 31,000 miles (at the state government rate of .32 cents per mile) to all the places they need to be in order to help our community’s kids—to and from court, a child’s foster care placement, school, social work office, homes of origin…wherever they need to go to get the job done.

To this end, gas companies and individuals around the state of New Mexico are asked to consider a donation of gas cards with a value of at least $25 each.  In gratitude, businesses and individuals become members of the CASA Extra Mile Club.  Extra Mile Club members appear under the Supporters tab on the CASA, First Judicial District website.

If you have any questions about the initiative, or wish to talk further about our program, please do not hesitate to contact us.  There are CASA volunteers all over New Mexico who are prepared to go that extra mile to help a child in need.  Let’s make sure they get there.



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