Rhode Island

The mission of Family Resources Community Action is:

To strengthen families and individuals through social services, education and economic opportunity while respecting the dignity of the people we serve.


You can help foster children in Rhode Island:

  • Gift cards (grocery, clothing store, gas cards, other) are always needed for low income individuals and families served through all FRCA programs.
  • Tickets/passes to movie theatres, museums and events for families, youth and teens are always appreciated.


Family Resources Community Action office locations:

Administrative Offices, Family Support Center,
Early Childhood Services and The Agape Center

245 Main Street, Woonsocket, RI 02895
Phone: 401-766-0900
Fax: 401-766-8737

Adult and Youth Employment & Training Center
55 Main Street, Woonsocket , RI 02895
Phone: 401-766-0900
Fax: 401-671-2944

Child Welfare Services
65 Main Street,  Woonsocket RI 02895
Phone: 401-766-0900

Family Preservation & Counseling
8 Court Street, Woonsocket RI 02895
Phone: 401-766-0900

The Northern Rhode Island Visitation Center
31 Orchard Street, Woonsocket RI 02895

Emergency, Transitional & Permanent Supportive Housing
Sayles Street, Woonsocket, RI 02895

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