Tenneseans (is that a word?!) you have so much to be proud of in Jimmy Wayne.

Here’s a little glimpse from the Meet Me Halfway website:

Street Team Projects

All Steet Teams recruit new members, find local organizations, and hand out flyers and business cards. Many teams try to find creative places to display MMH information, and encourage their volunteers to photograph the locations and share them on Twitter, Facebook, and the Street Team blogs.

Great Lakes Region
Sarah Walsh, Regional Coordinator
  • October 28, 2010 — Kaleidoscope Kids Art Program: Sarah Walsh of Great Lakes will be attending the Kaleidoscope for Kids annual art show. Proceeds from the kids’ art will go to artists and Kaleidoscope. Online auction items will be available October 11th. Each summer, the children and youth at Kaleidoscope attend art classes that not only give them a basic understanding of art, but provide Kaleidoscope kids – all recovering from abuse and neglect – the chance to express themselves, socialize with other children and uncover some hidden talents, which builds self-esteem.
  • October 2, 2010 — AIDS Walk/Run Chicago: Sarah Walsh and Deb Yatka will be participating in the AIDS Walk/Run in Chicago. 100% of what we raise goes directly to the Kaleidoscope’s programs for foster youth, which includes children with HIV/AIDS. It’s a great way to meet other community members dedicated to raising awareness and funds for a great cause. There’s no fundraising minimum, and you have the option of walking or running a 5K or 10K. Dogs are welcome in the 5K walk too! For information on sponsoring Sarah and Deb, please contact Sarah Walsh
  • May 4, 2010 — Elgin Community College: Great Lakes Street Team members handed out MMH flyers and business cards at the Market Days event at Elgin Community College in Chicago, IL.
  • May 1, 2010 — Wish list items for NCO youth and family services: Street Team member Deb Yatka and friends gathered a collection of wish list items for NCO Youth and Family services in Naperville, IL, and made several deliveries of the items.
  • April 28, 2010 — Facebook posting: Great Lakes Street Team Coordinator Sarah Walsh posted the May 1 National Meet Me Halfway walk as an event on Facebook and invited 289 of her Facebook friends to participate, as well as all her Twitter contacts and other MMH contacts.
Southeast Region
Sandra White, Regional Coordinator
  • Ongoing — Article Research: Florida Street Team member Georgia McCarthy is researching articles to send in for the Project MMH website, and also enters all articles into the MMH Articles database.
  • Late May, 2010 — Project Meet Me Halfway House Party: Regional Coordinator Sandra White will be doing a house party in the Raleigh, NC area to support Project Meet Me Halfway.
  • May 1, 2010 — 4th Graders Meeting Jimmy Halfway: Sandra White from NC did a lesson about Project MMH with her 4th grade class on May 1st on their Saturday snow make up day (she worked fractions into the lesson so it was educational). They had a great discussion about the reason Jimmy is walking across America and what they could do to help raise awareness. Together, they walked the track in support of Project MMH.
Southern Region
Nicole Osmera, Regional Coordinator
  • Ongoing — Music Row Drive: Amy Rathburg is working with AWMG Entertainment, which has started the ‘Music Row Drive’ to collect wish-list items for the youth at Monroe Harding. Items can be mailed or dropped off at their offices.
  • June 18th — Shelter Beautification Project: Street Teamers will be joining forces with Safe Place in Louisville, KY to hold a ‘Shelter Beautification Project’. MMHers will spend the afternoon prior to Jimmy’s show doing yard work & gardening for a local youth shelter.
  • June 26th — Walk Me Home: Nashville-area Street Teamers will participate in this 5K which raises funds for the Tennessee Foster & Adoptice Care Association, and will use the event to share about MMH.
  • June 5th, 2010 — MMH Trail Ride: Dennis and Nicole Osmera led a horse and mule trail ride in Nashville, and they used the participants’ entrance fees to purchase wish-list items or monetary donations to Monroe Harding.
  • May 14th, 2010 — Bluebird Benefit: Benefit concert for Monroe Harding
  • April 10th, 2010 — Prom Makeovers: Penny Bright (project leader), Nicole Osmera, and other Street Team members spent an afternoon at a group home, doing hair, makeup, and nails for foster girls attending prom.
  • April 1st, 2010 — Easter Donation Drive for Monroe Harding: Amy Rathburg led an Easter-themed online donation drive, using Twitter and Facebook, to collect wish-list items for Monroe Harding.
Mid-America Region
Shannon Trevino, Regional Coordinator
  • May 22, 2010 — Country Music Roots Festival: Teresa Saucier, Lili Root, and Regional Coordinator Shannon Trevino attended the Country Music Roots Festival at Traders Village in Houston and passed out flyers and talked to people about Project Meet Me Halfway.
  • May 17th, 2010 — Children’s Aid Society Benefit: Bridgett Bilington ran a charity auction for the Children’s Aid Society in Wichita Falls, TX. Participants bought tickets to a drawing for a gift basket and gift cards for a total of $90.74, with half the amount going to the Meet Me Halfway Community Fund, and the other half benefitting the Children’s Aid Society. Bridgett also personally contributed to the CAF “Wish List”.
Arizona Region
Cheryl Gillman, Regional Coordinator
  • August 29, 2010 — Dinner Service at HomeBase Youth Services: Bindy, Carrie, Pam and Lucille dedicated their day to help Sunshine Acres by helping Chef Karen prepare and serve Sunday Supper! What a silly crew they are too — they had a great time and did an awesome job preparing, serving and cleaning up after the meal.
  • August 19, 2010 — Interfaith Summit Committee meeting at the AZ Senate: Cheryl and Sean from Sunshine Acres attended the Interfaith Summit Committee meeting at the AZ Senate. The discussion topic was all based around planning the events and speakers for the Summit in AZ to support and bring awareness to the issues of aging out youth. The theme is “Connected For Life”. Sean from Sunshine Acres will be holding his own breakout session/class for the Summit. Jimmy Wayne was asked to speak at the Summit, but had to decline due to previously scheduled commitments.
  • August 19, 2010 — Sunday Supper for Sunshine Acres Children: Cheryl, Kayla, Carol, Ronda, Kristi, Lucille, Jaelyn & kids, Sam & Devin joined helped Chef Karen prepare Sunday Supper for Sunshine Acres Children, staff, and about 100 guests. The rest of the team went over to Bowers Hall (gym, weight room, barbershop, 2 restrooms and foyer) and cleaned top to bottom to help prepare for a wedding reception. Carol and Devin then helped by volunteering to serve the meal. Afterwards, team members that were still there helped staff and SA kids with the dishes and clean up of the entire kitchen and dining area. Cheryl presented photos to the group who attended Jimmy’s youth concert at Hard Rock Cafe during the finale weekend. They were very excited to receive all their pictures with Jimmy and Rob! Carol and Devin also had some donations for SA that they brought with them. The feedback from SA staff was stellar!
  • August 18, 2010 — Dinner with Sunshine Acres Children and Staff:Cheryl was invited to have dinner with Sunshine Acres children and staff. She took a guest with her, Mary Knadler, who is a hairdresser. After dinner, they gathered with the girls of SA to discuss hairstyles and makeovers. The girls are mulling over hairstyles, and when they are ready, Mary will be donating her services and products to give the girls new hairdos! They are very excited!
  • August 15, 2010 — Dinner Service at HomeBase Youth Services: Bindy, Pam and Kristi served dinner to the HomeBase kids! They must have done a pretty good job, as some even came back for seconds! Although, a little birdie was spreading rumors that Bindy went a little crazy with the rice — and rice was everywhere! These three team members did an awesome job and had an amazing time laughing and cutting up, and the HB kids appreciated the entertainment too!
  • August 15, 2010 — Dinner Service at HomeBase Youth Services: Street Teamers joined forces with HomeBase Youth Services in Phoenix, AZ to prepare and serve dinner for the residents. MMHers spent the late afternoon preparing tacos, Spanish rice and refried beans. We must have done something right, they came back for seconds! Thanks Pamela Urias, Kristi Martin and BindyShay Fachin for a job well done.
  • Ongoing — CobbleStone Auto Spa: CobbleStone Auto Spa has printed cards for the Arizona Street Team volunteers to hand out around the valley for people to scan every time they use a service at the Auto Center. CobbleStone is donating 33% of the services charge to HomeBase Youth Services. The cards can be used over and over at any one of Cobblestone’s 6 locations in the Phoenix Valley.
  • August 14, 2010 — Meeting with Hope Village Representatives: Cheryl and Carol met with Hope Village Representatives ShaRon and Rebecca to discuss how MMH can help them in their quest to create their multi-generational facility in Arizona.
  • July 28 — August 1, 2010 — Meet Me Halfway Phoenix Finale: The AZ Regional Street Team participated in the Finale events supporting Jimmy Wayne and Project Meet Me Halfway. Many enjoyed walking with Jimmy for several days in a row, encouraging and supporting him all the way. Cheryl, Bindy and Carrie hosted 13 other MMH Street Team members from around the country so that they could afford to come to attend the finale too. Friday night, the AZ team hosted a Fabulous Fiesta at Aunt Chilada’s, a local Mexican Restaurant, where 37 Street Team members from around the country finally had the opportunity to meet each other over margaritas and great food!

    The entire national MMH team is phenomenal! We are truly one of a kind. Cheers to everyone! We wished all team members could be here in Phoenix, but we all know if you weren’t here in person, you were here in heart and mind! Those that supported the finale from a distance were on our minds the entire weekend! We missed you, but glad to have been able to include you through Twitter and FaceBook!

  • May 22nd — National Foster Care Month Awareness walk: Arizona Street Team members walked for National Foster Care Month Awareness at the Fountain Hills Park (which has the tallest fountain in the world). They logged a total of 197.25 miles! They handed out information on HomeBase, Aging out, Project MMH, Children First Academy of Phoenix, Operation Kids Help Kids, and collected donations of all kinds. Operation Kids Help Kids did a fabulous job bringing awareness to the walk and the cause. These kids are really special and Project MMH is very fortunate to have them on board!
  • May 1, 2010 — Texas Roadhouse fundraiser: Cheryl and Rachel Dallman from HomeBase hung out at Texas Roadhouse on Saturday evening on May 1 to close out a 2.5 week fundraiser. They received monetary donations at the front door and handed out material pertaining to teen homelessness, while TX Roadhouse staff collected donations inside. Total funds raised was $831.00! Thanks Texas Roadhouse for supporting Jimmy Wayne, Project MMH and HomeBase Youth Services.
  • May 1st — Operation Kid help Kids: Cheryl Gillman met with the mothers of the kids who created “Operation Kid help Kids”. The kids got to talk to Jimmy when they were on the radio at KNIX about several fundraisers they held to benefit homeless children by raising money, collecting food and clothing. OKHK are making a big impact in their small community of Fountain Hills AZ and have joined forces with Project MMH Southwest Street Team to support Jimmy and MMH.
  • April 9th-11th, 2010 — Parking Lot Fair Booth: The team hosted a booth at the “Parking Lot Fair” where the Street Team members distributed hand-outs to raise awareness for Project Meet Me Halfway. They also sold Project Meet Me Halfway t-shirts and wristbands to raise funds for Home Base Youth Services.
  • March 19th, 2010 — Project Meet Me Halfway Benefit Concert: Adam Gregory & Dirty Country performed at Toby Keith’s Bar and Grill, “I Love this Bar”. The Street Team sold Project Meet Me Halfway t-shirts and wristbands and accepted donations to raise funds for Home Base Youth Services.
  • March 11th, 2010 — Community Rummage Sale: The team held a community rummage sale where they accepted donations and sold the items to raise funds for Home Base Youth Services. Gold Rush at Home also was there and donated 15% of all sales to Home Base Youth Services. Ms. Lori Cole, a Reiki therapist, donated her services to help boost attendance.
  • March 9th & 24th, 2010: KMLE Country Radio sponsored a “van stop” on each date at the Safeway parking lot near Home Base Youth Services. KMLE Country advertised on the radio each time that they were there with their crew featuring promo items. The Arizona Street Team sold Project Meet Me Halfway t-shirts and wristbands to raise funds for Home Base Youth Services.
North/Northwest Region
Jamie Phelps, Regional Coordinator
  • August 3rd — 13th, 2010 — Back to School Drive for Union Gospel Mission: Jennifer and Kevin Kramer of Minnesota helped collect back to school supplies by placing a 64-litre container at “Fitness 19” (a local fitness club) and placing signs up around the club asking for donations. Jennifer and Kevin also had supply wish lists printed and kept them next to the donation display which people could take with them to do their shopping (very convenient!). Over the ten day period people donated enough supplies to fill the collection container as well as brought in three fully loaded backpacks! Items will be donated to youth ages 5-18 in need.
  • April 25th to May 15th, 2010 — EBay Mug Auction: Julie Wehner ran three EBay sales of autographed mugs. Her project raised a total of $180, with 75% of the proceeds going to Iowa Homeless Youth Center (IHYC)and 25% to the MeetMeHalfway account with the Community Foundation.
Northeast Region
Maureen (Moe) Ferrante, Regional Coordinator
  • Book Signing: Moe Ferrante attended a book signing for a former foster child Kim Snodgrass. The bookstore, More Than Words, in Waltham, MA, hires foster kids and homeless teens to help them transition.
  • Ongoing — Radio Updates: Pennsylvania Street Team member Sharon Lucasi has been doing the updates for Dakota on the radio.
  • May 16, 2010 — Walk for Home: Moe Ferrante attended this walk, which promotes adoption.
Western Region
Cynthia Sparks, Regional Coordinator
  • Ongoing — Tom Kitayama Elementary School awareness project: Street Team member and elementary schoolteacher Cherie Barnecut is running a classroom project with her class to raise awareness of Project Meet Me Halfway and raise funds for HomeBase Youth Services (HBYS), an Phoenix organization that supports teens.
  • 5/3/2010 — California Capitol Kickoff Event: Several West Coast Street Team members participated in the kickoff events for National Foster Care Month at the state capitol building in Sacramento, CA, which included the walkathon held that morning and the information booth at the event.
  • 4/24/2010 — Sleepless San Diego: Street Team member Teri Carrillo and her two sons participated in the Sleepless San Diego event, which raises awareness of homelessness and also support local non-profit organizations dedicated to helping the homeless and poor in San Diego. They slept under the stars on cots in their winter clothing.
  • 4/17/2010 — KNCI Walkin’ for Wayne: West Coast Street Team members participated in the KNCI Walkin’ for Wayne charity walk, an event organized by KNCI radio DJs Pat & Tom, to benefit two youth services in Sacramento, CA: WIND and Diogenes Youth Services.
  • 4/17/2010 — Donation Drive for Diogenes youth Services: Street team member Devvi Silva coordinated a donation of goods (clothing, toothbrushes, and toothpaste) to Diogenes Youth Services.
  • March and April 2010 — Project Meet Me Halfway supporter awareness videos: Street team member Devvi Silva set up a Project Meet Me Halfway YouTube Channel with two videos that she made from photos from Jimmy Wayne’s walking journey and set to two of his songs: ‘Just Knowing You Love Me’ and ‘Things I Believe’.
  • 3/3/2010 — Cadillac Ranch graffiti: West Coast Street Team coordinator Cynthia Sparks stopped at the Cadillac Ranch (located along I-40 in Texas) and spray-painted the Cadillac bodies with MMH graffiti.
Mid-Atlantic Region
Felecia Kiser, Regional Coordinator
  • July 3, 2010 10am-1pm — MMH Lemonade Stand: The 4 year old foster son of a Staunton, Virginia Street Teamer, Alex, will be hosting a Lemonade Stand (with the help of his mom, Natasha McCurdy, and aunt) in their front yard next to Gypsy Hill Park on July 3, 2010 as the city will be celebrating Independence Day on that day. Alex will be selling lemonade and 4th of July cookies and handing out informational pamphlets on Project Meet Me Halfway, and will donate all proceeds to the Together We Can Foundation.
  • June 26, 2010 (subject to change) — MMH Paint Splatter Event: Mid-Atlantic Street Team members will be helping Seton Youth Shelters in Virginia Beach, Virginia paint the outside of their boys dormitories. To volunteer or donate funds or supplies (i.e. paint, paint brushes and rollers, etc…), email Felecia Kiser by June 24, 2010.
  • June 19, 2010 (starting time 9am) — MMH Bake Sale: Natasha McCurdy, Felecia Kiser, and the MMH Street Team Members will be having a bake sale outside of Wal*Mart on Richmond Road in Staunton, Virginia. All proceeds will go toward paint and painting supplies for a later event to paint the outside of Seton Youth Shelters. Those interested in donating baked goods to sell should email Felecia Kiser by June 17, 2010.
  • June 12th & 13th — Rally ‘N the Valley event: Meet Me Halfway Street Team volunteers will be participating in the “Rally ‘N the Valley” event in Staunton, VA, which is gathering for motorcycle enthusiasts. They will distribute information on fostering, mentoring, and volunteer opportunities, along with Project Meet Me Halfway materials. After the event, the Street Team members will assist in the clean-up. In return, the Shenandoah Valley Harley Davidson will give a donation to one of the Mid-Atlantic Street Team’s partner organizations, the Together We Can Foundation.


Talk about INSPIRATION!!!

Contact me personally via email connacraig@gmail.com for what you can do to make an important difference. Blessings… C.

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