“Small enough to know you, Strong enough to serve you well”


I absolutely love the motto of Bogota Savings Bank in New Jersey:

“Small enough to know you, 

              Strong enough to serve you well.”


If only other institutions would follow suit. It’s a refreshing change from “too big to fail.” Imagine if our government programs took this approach! Or the companies where we work, places we study or even our local auto repair shops.

Small enough to know you: because you are valuable.

Strong enough to serve you well: because you are valuable. 

I can think of one group in particular for whom these words would ring a special sound: kids in foster care.

And our friends and Bogota Savings Bank know this, too. They are holding a school supply drive for kids in foster care. The drive will last through Thursday, so if you live in Bogota’s neck of the woods, please stop by with some #2 pencils, binders and rulers. The basics. That’s what these kids–and indeed all kids–need.


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